LAVO Saturday Champagne Brunch

Now the Pool Season is Officially DONE for 2011, WHAT’S NEXT?! You can always count on TAO Group who never ceases to amaze you with Mind-Blowing parties. The Newest addition to our culture – LAVO SATURDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH. Every Saturday from 2p-6p, you’ll WANT to make the effort of getting up after the hard partying you’ve done the night before to experience this unbelievable, one-of-a-kind gathering. We’re changing your idea of what a typical¬†BRUNCH is about *~_^* Check out the video..

FLASHBACK ** 2010 Special BDAY Shoutout

Thanks to my homie DJ A-RON who was a DJ for the NEW BOYZ, he had them give me a special BDay shoutout back in 2010, when they were starting to become come up because of their debut hit “You’re a Jerk”.

Burlesque Nouveaux Promo Video [by Brando]

Burlesque Nouveaux Promo Short from Brando on Vimeo.

Check out this Sizzling Burlesque group called BURLESQUE NOUVEAUX. Kayko Tamaki, Samantha Padilla & Kiara Mia perform a very sensual, sexy but modern burlesque show. I am the Music Creator for their performance and have the most amazing time doing it and watching their performance come to LIFE due to my music programming. Find, Add and LIKE us on Facebook – Follow Us on Twitter – @BurlesqueNuvo

VIDEO DROP for VAIN Nightclub

August 20, 2011 – ORLANDO HERE I COME!!!! Thanks to Tony Khuu & James Pham from Deep Vision []!!!!